Williams Week – 11th February 2019 – The Week in Review

A round-up of interesting Williams related stories found on the web this week:

The legendary Williams Formula 1 team was formed in 1977, although Frank Williams had been running cars in F1 since 1969, and manufactured its first design a year later. Here are all of its cars…

Gallery: All Williams F1 cars since 1978

“I think it’s a case of we clearly have got to wait and see until we get to testing to see what everyone else is doing,” Williams added. “It’s quite difficult to judge the progress we’re making at this point.”

Claire Williams confident team back on track in 2019

Chassis six was used at the first seven races of the season, and won the opening five in a row – making it the most successful FW14B built.

Williams from Mansell’s title-winning season to be sold at Goodwood

“This is our family’s team, so there is a lot riding on that. One of the reasons why I took this job was to protect not just my dad’s but my mom’s legacy in this sport. It’s a legacy that we’re enormously proud of. So there’s that pressure.”

Claire Williams ‘will go down fighting’ before quitting on family’s struggling F1 team

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