Williams Hybrid Power Wins Innovation Award

Williams Hybrid Power is today celebrating success following yesterday’s Low Carbon Champion Awards where it was honoured in the category of Innovation by an SME for its ground breaking partnership with Go-Ahead Group, one of the UK’s leading public transport operators.

The awards are an initiative of the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) which celebrate outstanding and innovative practice in reducing road transport emissions. Williams Hybrid Power established a partnership with Go-Ahead Group in March 2012 and it was this partnership that was submitted as a case study for the category of Low Carbon Innovation by an SME.

This collaboration has seen the two companies work together to develop a number of hybrid buses that utilise Williams Hybrid Power’s electromechanical flywheel energy storage technology. Initially developed for the 2009 Williams Formula One car, this technology has since been adapted for a range of public transport applications and other motorsport series such as endurance racing. The technology appealed to the judging panel because of the 20% fuel efficiency savings on offer and attractive installation costs, a combination which has the potential to see mass market hybridisation of public transport become a tangible reality.

Jonathan Murray, Deputy Director of the LowCVP and one of the awards category judges said; ”Williams Hybrid Power have shown true leadership by taking Formula One technology and, working with Go-Ahead Group, applying it successfully to deliver emissions and efficiency savings in buses.”

Speaking about the award Frank Thorpe, Head of Bus Systems for Williams Hybrid Power, commented; ‘’Our partnership with Go-Ahead is truly unique and is seeing two leading British companies come together and share their resources in a bid to reduce carbon emissions on Britain’s roads. This award is a great honour and validates the hard work of both companies to produce a number of hybrid buses. Energy efficiency is an important issue for Williams and initiatives such as this demonstrates how Formula One based technology can play a key role in helping to tackle an important global issue.’’

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