Williams-BMW GT Project

Williams-BMW GT Project
With the announcement of BMW providing engines for Williams in Formula One also came news of the long rumoured GT tie-up. The links from this page will take you to other articles on the GT project.


22nd April 1998 Williams-BMW Le Mans V12 Continues Testing.
9th April 1998 Williams-BMW Le Mans V12 Breaks Cover.
29th January 1998 Artists impression of Williams-BMW Le Mans V12.
29th January 1998 BMW sets-up base at Grove.
29th January 1998 Official launch for Williams-BMW project.
10th January 1998 Building work underway at Grove for BMW project.
13th September 1997 Williams Le Mans project under way.

Rumours suggesting a tie-up between Williams and BMW on a GT project began circulating in May 1997. A year later the car was racing at Le Mans. The Road to Le Mans documents the time leading up to the LMV12’s entry into the 66th endurance classic.

A new building was constructed behind the existing Williams F1 factory at Grove to house BMW Motorsport. This series of pages shows the building taking shape.

Williams begins to hire for personnel to work at old F1 factory:

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