Williams Week – 29th June 2020 – The Week in Review

A round-up of interesting Williams related stories found on the web this week:

“I could’ve very easily – the day or two prior to that – said ‘right, it’s not for me, not my cup of tea. I’m just going to leave it there. I’m a real driver and not an esports driver’. But you’ve just got to persevere with some things, and that’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned.”

“Biggest Lesson I’ve Learned”: George Russell Reveals His Major Learnings from Sim F1 Racing

“We’re absolutely shocked that a team with whom we have a long-standing relationship has signed Rokit, particularly as it is well known what happened.”

Mercedes is likely destination for former Williams title sponsor Rokit

The source says that Williams “never thought of going down the route of asking Latifi to invest. If he eventually ends up investing that is terrific but Williams wants to go through the process.”

Williams F1 Team Already Fully Funded Into 2021

“We very much feel that we look after our partners in a fantastic way. There’s been plenty of evidence of that over the years with many of Williams’s partners remaining with the team in the long term.” – Claire Williams

New Williams driver overalls indicate heritage colours will return in coming livery change
Williams Racing 2020 Livery

“For this year it’s very important they get back in the hunt. I’m not naive enough to think they will be battling with the top three teams but I hope they will be in amongst what would be called the lower midfield. From there they have to work their way back and upwards.” – Patrick Head

‘Williams struggling to stay alive without technical leadership’

“Until now, being an independent hasn’t made a whole lot of sense. But we believe, and thankfully so do the new administrators, that doing your own design and engineering should not be allowed to be a disadvantage.” – Claire Williams

Williams F1 team outlines bold recovery plan

Williams are on the look out for new sponsors, while also continuing their review of the strategic investment options available to the team.

Williams reveal striking new livery ahead of 2020 season opener

“We’re planning to drop anchor at Williams and earn all of our success with Williams.” – Sylvan Adams

Williams’ other Canadian billionaire: Sylvan Adams aims to ‘conquer world’ with team

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