Q&A with Valtteri Bottas on 2014

Q. You’ve been here since 2010 and this was your first year in Formula One as a rookie; how does it feel to really cement your place in the team for 2014 and beyond?
It feels very good because I’m very happy here. It feels like a natural step to stay here and I feel settled. I would like to thank Sir Frank and Claire for showing the faith in me and allowing me to prove myself next year as well and I hope to be able to repay that faith with some good results.

Q. How has your first year been as a rookie and racing a full programme in Formula One?
Racing is something I really missed last year when I was just driving the practice sessions as I always wanted to continue throughout the whole weekend. It has been a tough year but we must now look forward and we’ll be really pushing to make next year better. Personally I hope I’ll be more prepared, quicker and more experienced.

Q. What would you say was your highlight of the 2013 season and how can you use this moving forward?
It has to be qualifying in Montreal. The whole team pulled together to create a good strategy and to start from third on the grid was a great feeling. That proved to everyone that we can do it and if we can apply that on a more consistent basis for next year, we’ll be in a good position.

Q. You have a new teammate next year in Felipe Massa; how does it feel to be racing alongside him?
I’m very happy to be welcoming Felipe to the team. He is a driver with great experience and even came close to winning the title in 2008. He has been competing with Fernando Alonso at Ferrari which shows how good a driver he is and I look forward to working with him more in 2014.

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