Q&A with Felipe Massa on 2014

Q. Felipe, you have been confirmed as a Williams F1 Team driver for the 2014 season, your first time with a British team. Does it feel like you’re making a new start in your career?
It does feel like a new start in my career. I had a great time at Ferrari but now I’m very happy to be joining Williams for 2014. I’ve always watched them and followed them as a team, especially in the successful years so I’m very proud to now be driving for this team and to start a new chapter in my career.

Q. You had other options aside from Williams; tell us a bit more about what attracted you to the team?
It was the best option for me; it really is a team that wants to grow and is determined to get back to where they were in the past. I want to help the team with this and I think it could be a very successful era.

Q. 2013 has been a difficult year for the team. Why are you so convinced that things can improve going into 2014?
Everything is changing in 2014; it is like a restart for everybody and you need the resources and personnel in place to make sure you’re on top of this. From what I see and hear at Williams, everything is in place to go in the right direction and to keep moving forward.

Q. How impressed are you with the facilities at Grove on your first day here with the team?
It is my first day here and I’m just trying to get to know the facilities and the area, but everything is very impressive; there is a great set up here and there’s no reason why we can’t build on this to push hard for next season.

Q. You have a new teammate next year in Valtteri Bottas; what do you know about him and how excited are you to work with him?
He’s proved this year to be a very good driver and very quick. Pastor was always very quick, especially in qualifying, so to keep pace with him in the first year is impressive. I’m looking forward to using my experience to help Valtteri develop further and to work together to do well as a team.

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