Inholmes – The House and Gardens of Frank Williams

Yesterday was the National Gardens’ Scheme annual open day when gardens all over the country are opened up with the proceeds going to charity. We had chosen to go to Inhomes, just outside of Newbury as it was close and, more importantly (to me) is the home of Sir Frank Williams founder of the Williams formula one team.

This weekend was also the Canadian Grand Prix and Sir Frank had wisely chosen to go there rather than sit at home and be gawped at by people traipsing round his garden! And quite a few did.

Of course the garden wasn’t really Franks passion (that’s F1 for him) but that of his late wife who spent years creating the beautiful garden set in 10 acres of grounds. Surrounding the house are a number of distinct gardens, including a lovely walled garden.

If you were a casual observer you wouldn’t know who the owner was and the only clue was the inscription on a bench (seen above) in one of the gardens dedicated to the late Ayrton Senna.

It was a really beautiful and tranquil place to be and quite a difference to the F1 paddocks usually frequented by its owner.

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