Guy Martin to Join Williams Pit Crew for Belgium Grand Prix

Motorcycle racer and TV personality, Guy Martin, is set to take on one of the most coveted job in motorsport – working as part of an elite Formula One pit crew. With no Formula One experience to his name, Guy will be going in at the deep end when he joins WILLIAMS MARTINI RACING, one of the world’s leading Formula One teams, at this weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix in Spa.

A truck mechanic by trade, Guy will visit Williams’ UK base ahead of the Belgian GP, where the team will run him through the major tasks he’ll be expected to perform during the race weekend. Having forged a successful career motorcycling, Guy knows only too well how the race result is in the mechanics’ hands, so practice is essential.

During the race weekend, Guy will be tasked with helping to set up the garage before assisting the car crew build the FW40 car. Guy will proceed to work two 90-minute practice sessions on Friday, a further hour practice session on Saturday before a three-stage qualifying session and then the race itself. The pit crew look after both of Williams’ drivers – Felipe Massa and Lance Stroll – and every pitstop is crucial. Guy will be working with the fastest team in the business, with the team having set the fastest pitstop of the season so far at just 2.02-seconds during the British Grand Prix.

After the race, as the drivers head for the nearest airport, a whole new day of work begins for the mechanics. It takes at least 10 hours to strip the cars, take down the garage, and pack everything away, ready to be transported to the next race. Guy will, of course, stay to the end.

Picture Dave Johnson, Guy Martin at Church Bends, CC BY-SA 4.0

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