Williams Week – 29th July 2019 – The Week in Review

A round-up of interesting Williams related stories found on the web this week:

“there have been some mechanical issues again which I think people are fully aware of that we are working hard to resolve. The majority of which we have resolved.” – Clare Williams

Williams sees “green shoots of progress” at team

The Aerofoil systems uses aerodynamics developed with Williams Advanced Engineering to guide cold air more efficiently down the front of the fridge. 

Tesco Introduces F1 Technology To In-Store Fridges

“The groundworks are kind of in place at the moment to try to bring more performance to the car as the season progresses and I’ve got confidence we can do that.” – George Russell

Williams went backwards to go forwards with its 2019 F1 car

It supplies major brands under licence including Williams F1, MotoGP, Michelin, Turtle Wax Pro, Stayzon as well as its own label, Caiman.

Colchester car wax firm’s shining exports record wins royal seal of approval

“It shows that F1 as a whole has not forgotten about you. My management is working very hard to find solutions for me. Let’s just hope we find one very quickly.” – Esteban Ocon

Ocon coy on Haas and Williams rumours

“The (1987) Williams FW11B — nothing comes close to that car, nothing in the world. Really, today’s drivers will never know what a proper F1 car feels like.” – Nigel Mansell

Drivers don’t know what ‘proper’ F1 is

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