Williams Week – 24th January 2022 – The Week in Review

The Williams Week 2021

The Williams Week 2021

A round-up of interesting Williams related stories found on the web this week:

“It’s drastically changed my mindset, whereas now I can just really enjoy it, I can really just give it give it everything I have. And anything I get from here is just a bonus.” – Logan Sargent

Sargeant “lucky” to continue on F1 junior ladder amid money worries

“The biggest lesson learned is just how important it is to be able to be flexible and adapt, depending on situation, the way the car’s handling” – Nicholas Latifi

Being flexible key to further progress in 2022 F1 season

“I would say George isn’t the best cyclist in the world — I cycled more than him [so] I was like, ‘George, you take the good bike, I’ll take the one without the rear brakes’, which I thought was fine.” – Alex Albon

‘I lent George Russell my bike… and ended up with a broken collarbone’

“[I]t is also easier also to develop a car with a mindset that we have the financials to improve the car, and not just we have one shot then that’s it.” – Jost Capito

Williams financial security providing “motivation” in F1 “battlefield”

I’m still very new to Formula 1. He’s given me little words of wisdom on starting out, good approaches, bad approaches and whatnot and yes, just the odd little bits of encouragement after qualifying or after the race if I manage to bump into him” – Nicholas Latifi

Latifi and Russell explain why special advisor Jenson Button has been ‘great asset’ to Williams

“These are really exciting times, it was great to get straight to it and start developing the car so we can to get it in the best window possible for when we take to the track.” – Alex Albon

Albon completes first day at Williams factory as official driver

“It’s great to be able to work with this team who will listen to me, we’ll listen to each other and try and get the most out of this car.” – Alex Albon

Albon owns up to car key incident on first day at Willliams

“Adam Carter has left the team and I would like to thank him for his hard work and contribution over the last six years.” – Jost Capito

Williams F1 team splits with its engineering director

“Last year, unfortunately Williams were not able to produce a ‘mule’ car, we had only nine teams out of 10, but this year they will use the 2022 cars, so all of the 10 teams have the opportunity to support us in developing the tyres.” – Mario Isola (Pirelli)

Williams set for return to Pirelli tyre tests

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