Williams Week – 20th January 2020 – The Week in Review

A round-up of interesting Williams related stories found on the web this week:

There’s a huge amount of data capture that’s had to go on as well because you can imagine a team like ours has been around for a long time and may have been doing processes in quite a loose way – post-it notes going around, for example – and we need to get out of that and have proper systems in place.” – Claire Williams

Team needs to modernise: Company still has “post-it notes”

We talk about how it can’t get much worse than 2019, but we said that about 2018. And we said that about 2017. The reality is that 2020 can actually be worse than 2019.” – Rob Smedley

Williams cannot count on improving

“I’m hopeful that Williams can find their way back to being more competitive in the future, because it’s been a bit painful to watch such a great team have the difficulties that they’ve had” – David Coulthard

Williams F1 struggles ‘painful to watch’

“We did hope to improve at a greater rate than we did, but those foundations took longer to put in place than we all anticipated. [But] now, the rate of improvement we are on is really strong.” – George Russell

Williams Formula 1 improvement rate now “really strong” – Russell

He’s got great talent. I think it needs harnessing, but we have experience doing that. It’s going to be really interesting with Dan and we’re looking forward to working with him.” – Claire Williams

Williams rates Ticktum as ‘one of the best’

“The experience that I will gain this year, immersing myself with Williams will prove invaluable and I’m looking forward to getting started, both on and off the track.” – Roy Nissany

Roy Nissany handed Williams F1 test driver role for 2020 season

“Obviously, as you all know we sold a majority stake in Advanced Engineering, the proceeds of which come into the F1 team in order to bolster the budget as well. So I’ve no concerns over the racing budget for 2020.” – Claire Williams

Williams emphasises it has ‘healthy racing budget’ for 2020

“I would ask Claire to move upstairs into a more presidential role and get in somebody like Andreas Seidl and give them full autonomy. F1 success is all about tomorrow, not yesterday” – Martin Brundle

After Major Slump, Claire Williams Advised to Leave Current Role With Team by F1 Pundit Martin Brundle

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