Williams Week – 20th December 2021 – The Week in Review

The Williams Week 2021

The Williams Week 2021

A round-up of interesting Williams related stories found on the web this week:

“The owner had given us just eight weeks and we quickly realised the full extent of the work required. But when you oversee something like this, you know you simply cannot cut corners in any way; you just make it happen.”

Williams F1’s first championship winner is back in action

“I wasn’t aware of the situation of the race up until then. Obviously it was never my intention to inadvertently influence that, but I made a mistake and ruined my own race.” – Nicholas Latifi

“Never my intention” to influence F1 title battle

“He’ll be getting a lifetime supply of Red Bull for sure.” – Christian Horner

Horner offers Latifi ‘a lifetime supply of Red Bull’ for late F1 safety car

“It’s definitely a massive step up from the Formula 2 and Formula 3 cars; the brake performance is much better and there’s a lot more downforce” – Logan Sargeant

Sargeant revels in ‘experience of a lifetime’ at F1 test

“George is adaptable and he is quite instinctive and I think he will go on to improve. He’s got the talent that he needs. He has had a rough time with us, and some good times, and I think he will have learned quite a lot from that.” – Dave Robson

Autosport 2021 Top 50: #12 George Russell

The two-token development limit meant only one of those limitations could be attacked. Williams chose to spend it on changing the chassis shape around the coke bottle.

How Williams’ peaky F1 design gamble paid off

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