Williams Week – 20th August 2018

A round-up of interesting Williams related stories found on the web this week:

“For me Williams are in a worse situation than McLaren because McLaren do have — providing they’re willing to stay on board — their owners and we’re talking about some serious Middle Eastern money, people who have enormous pockets.” – John Barnard

Legendary F1 designer John Barnard on McLaren’s recent struggles, Williams’ uncertain future

“I am disappointed that he has not intervened before. Lowe is someone who can work in great detail, but no doubt he was simply surprised by how bad the technical team is, the more in aerodynamics” – Marc Surer

Williams management to blame for downfall says former F1 driver

Scope has no idea who donated the suit, and it has been suggested that it could raise up to £2,000 for the disability charity.

Ralf Schumacher F1 suit given to Kenilworth charity shop

Perhaps the biggest surprise is that last year the struggling Williams team employed 793 people who were paid $70.6 million (£55.3 million) earning it sixth place on the ranking.

F1’s 10 Biggest Paychecks 

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