Williams’ BTCC Touring Car Home

Impressive signsSmall frontage of Williams Touring Car EngineeringOn Sunday 19th September 1999 Williams Touring Car Engineering entered their last race bringing to a close five successful years.

While Williams F1 team expanded out from their original premises in Didcot and moved a short way down the road to Grove the Touring Car operation remained true to Didcot.

Dwarfed by the Tescos depot next door the Williams Touring Car factory nestles at the front of the small Southmead Park industrial estate.

Everywhere you look are trucksIn Williams usual understated way there are no big signs indicating that they are there just a small logo on the brick entrance building.

Space however seems to be a problem for almost where you look are Williams lorries of various shapes and sizes.

Also on the front of the building is the only sign that things are coming to an end – the “For Sale” sign.

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