Now in its sixth year The Williams Database Winter Challenge is a bit of fun for the off-season. For 12 weeks between the 2022 and 2023 F1 seasons from 1st December – 15th February 2023 there will be one Williams related questions for you to answer a week.

Questions will be posted on Twitter (@williamsdbf1) at midnight GMT every Wednesday – you have 24 hours to DM your answer so no need to rush. Everyone that gives the correct answer with 24 hours of positing the question will get ten points. The person with the most points at the end of the ten weeks will win. If more than one person has the same number of points at the end there will be a quick fire tie-break round.

So that means to be in with a chance you have to answer as many questions as you can over the ten weeks but you don’t need to rush to answer.

What you can win

small prize package which includes a copy of Jim Bamber’s The Pits Vol 14 and the #1 issue of Formula 1 Magazine from March 2001. The latter includes an interview with Williams’ then technical director Sam Michael.

Current Positions

Previous Weeks Questions

Here’s a reminder of the previous questions:

Week One

Along with Keke Rosberg and Jacques Laffite, Jonathan Palmer was entered in a 3rd Williams at the 1983 European GP. But because Laffite was a DNQ, only Rosberg and Palmer started. It was the only time in the team’s history that they had 3 cars entered for a World championship GP.

Week Two

Lance Stroll in a Williams Martini Racing Mercedes FW41 at the 2018 Formula 1 Gran Premio Heineken d’Italia in Monza.

Week Three

Sir Frank, as shrewd as ever, sold the plans & some parts to the FW07 which Al Unser Sr took to 17th at ‘81 Indy 500

Week Four

Betise Assumpcao is listed variously as his personal assistant or press officer.

Week Five

Raced in the FIA F2 Championship between 2009 and 2011 the JPH1 and JPH1B were named after Williams old boy Jonathan Palmer and Sir Patrick Head. (

Week Six

1,111 total points:

44 race wins of 9 points
69 race wins of 10 points
1 race win of 25 points

114 Total Wins.

YearRoundCountryDriverFinish PosPoints
19799British Grand PrixClay Regazzoni19
197910German Grand PrixAlan Jones19
197911Austrian Grand PrixAlan Jones19
197912Dutch Grand PrixAlan Jones19
197914Canadian Grand PrixAlan Jones19
19801Argentine Grand PrixAlan Jones19
19806Monaco Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann19
19807French Grand PrixAlan Jones19
19808British Grand PrixAlan Jones19
198013Canadian Grand PrixAlan Jones19
198014United States Grand PrixAlan Jones19
19811United States Grand Prix WestAlan Jones19
19812Brazilian Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann19
19815Belgian Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann19
198115Caesars Palace Grand PrixAlan Jones19
198214Swiss Grand PrixKeke Rosberg19
19835Monaco Grand PrixKeke Rosberg19
19849Dallas Grand PrixKeke Rosberg19
19856Detroit Grand PrixKeke Rosberg19
198514European Grand PrixNigel Mansell19
198515South African Grand PrixNigel Mansell19
198516Australian Grand PrixKeke Rosberg19
19861Brazilian Grand PrixNelson Piquet19
19865Belgian Grand PrixNigel Mansell19
19866Canadian Grand PrixNigel Mansell19
19868French Grand PrixNigel Mansell19
19869British Grand PrixNigel Mansell19
198610German Grand PrixNelson Piquet19
198611Hungarian Grand PrixNelson Piquet19
198613Italian Grand PrixNelson Piquet19
198614Portuguese Grand PrixNigel Mansell19
19872San Marino Grand PrixNigel Mansell19
19876French Grand PrixNigel Mansell19
19877British Grand PrixNigel Mansell19
19878German Grand PrixNelson Piquet19
19879Hungarian Grand PrixNelson Piquet19
198710Austrian Grand PrixNigel Mansell19
198711Italian Grand PrixNelson Piquet19
198713Spanish Grand PrixNigel Mansell19
198714Mexican Grand PrixNigel Mansell19
19896Canadian Grand PrixThierry Boutsen19
198916Australian Grand PrixThierry Boutsen19
19903San Marino Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese19
199010Hungarian Grand PrixThierry Boutsen19
19916Mexican Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese110
19917French Grand PrixNigel Mansell110
19918British Grand PrixNigel Mansell110
19919German Grand PrixNigel Mansell110
199112Italian Grand PrixNigel Mansell110
199113Portuguese Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese110
199114Spanish Grand PrixNigel Mansell110
19921South African Grand PrixNigel Mansell110
19922Mexican Grand PrixNigel Mansell110
19923Brazilian Grand PrixNigel Mansell110
19924Spanish Grand PrixNigel Mansell110
19925San Marino Grand PrixNigel Mansell110
19928French Grand PrixNigel Mansell110
19929British Grand PrixNigel Mansell110
199210German Grand PrixNigel Mansell110
199214Portuguese Grand PrixNigel Mansell110
199215Japanese Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese110
19931South African Grand PrixAlain Prost110
19934San Marino Grand PrixAlain Prost110
19935Spanish Grand PrixAlain Prost110
19937Canadian Grand PrixAlain Prost110
19938French Grand PrixAlain Prost110
19939British Grand PrixAlain Prost110
199310German Grand PrixAlain Prost110
199311Hungarian Grand PrixDamon Hill110
199312Belgian Grand PrixDamon Hill110
199313Italian Grand PrixDamon Hill110
19945Spanish Grand PrixDamon Hill110
19948British Grand PrixDamon Hill110
199411Belgian Grand PrixDamon Hill110
199412Italian Grand PrixDamon Hill110
199413Portuguese Grand PrixDamon Hill110
199415Japanese Grand PrixDamon Hill110
199416Australian Grand PrixNigel Mansell110
19952Argentine Grand PrixDamon Hill110
19953San Marino Grand PrixDamon Hill110
199510Hungarian Grand PrixDamon Hill110
199513Portuguese Grand PrixDavid Coulthard110
199517Australian Grand PrixDamon Hill110
19961Australian Grand PrixDamon Hill110
19962Brazilian Grand PrixDamon Hill110
19963Argentine Grand PrixDamon Hill110
19964European Grand PrixJacques Villeneuve110
19965San Marino Grand PrixDamon Hill110
19968Canadian Grand PrixDamon Hill110
19969French Grand PrixDamon Hill110
199610British Grand PrixJacques Villeneuve110
199611German Grand PrixDamon Hill110
199612Hungarian Grand PrixJacques Villeneuve110
199615Portuguese Grand PrixJacques Villeneuve110
199616Japanese Grand PrixDamon Hill110
19972Brazilian Grand PrixJacques Villeneuve110
19973Argentine Grand PrixJacques Villeneuve110
19974San Marino Grand PrixHeinz-Harald Frentzen110
19976Spanish Grand PrixJacques Villeneuve110
19979British Grand PrixJacques Villeneuve110
199711Hungarian Grand PrixJacques Villeneuve110
199714Austrian Grand PrixJacques Villeneuve110
199715Luxembourg Grand PrixJacques Villeneuve110
20014San Marino Grand PrixRalf Schumacher110
20018Canadian Grand PrixRalf Schumacher110
200112German Grand PrixRalf Schumacher110
200115Italian Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya110
20022Malaysian Grand PrixRalf Schumacher110
20037Monaco Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya110
20039European Grand PrixRalf Schumacher110
200310French Grand PrixRalf Schumacher110
200312German Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya110
200418Brazilian Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya110
20125Spanish Grand PrixPastor Maldonado125

Week Seven

Dorilton paid €152m (£136m, $179.5m) for Williams which now seems a bit of a bargain given the recent purchase prices.

Week Eight

In what was an incredible race where I remember thinking “are they ever going to pit him?” and “oh no they’ve forgotten to pit him” to “bloody hell that’s a ballsy move”! Albon eventually pitted lap 57 as you can see from the official FIA race lap chart.

Week Nine

Slightly tricky one this week as people tend to forget about the sole Bathurst entry in 1997 but the full list is: Jason Plato, Jean-Christophe Boullion, Alain Menu, Will Hoy, Tommy Rustad (1998 independent winner entered in the final round at Silverstone) plus Graham Moore and Alan Jones (Bathurst 1997).

Week Ten

The question is slightly ambiguous in that it should have said “in a race” which makes the answer Antônio Pizzonia at the 2004 Italian Grand Prix. Bottas topped that in qualifying for 2016 GP with a top speed of 378kmh.

Here are the top ten fastest speeds set by Williams drivers in a race. As you can see they are all at Monza. In fact, the top 26 fastest speeds by Williams drivers were all recorded at Monza.

Week Eleven

The team scored 66 points in the 2014 Abu Dhabi GP where double points were awarded. Felipe Massa finished 2nd and Valtteri Bottas finished 3rd.

Week Twelve

Trick question. Both were Keke Rosberg. Swiss Grand Prix at Dijon in 1982 and US Grand Prix at Dallas in 1984