Now in its fourth year The Williams Database Winter Challenge is a bit of fun for the off-season. For 14 weeks between the 2020 and 2021 F1 seasons there will be 14 Williams related questions for you to answer.

Questions will be posted on Twitter (@williamsdbf1) at midnight GMT every Wednesday – you have 24 hours to DM you answer so no need to rush. Everyone that gives the correct answer with 24 hours of it positing will get 10 points. The person with the most points at the end of the 14 weeks will win. If more than one person has the same number of points at the end there will be a quick fire tie-break round.

So that means to be in with a chance you have to answer as many questions as you can over the 14 weeks but you don’t need to rush to answer.

What you can win

This year I have raised the Williams Database vaults to put together a prize consisting of the Williams Renault Grand Prix Championship board game and three books. The Pits books are both signed by Jim Bamber.

Current Positions

Previous Weeks Questions

Here’s a reminder of the previous questions:

Week 1

“Frank had been campaigning a very quick Austin A40 which wore the fictitious number plate FU2, until race officials told him to remove it.” – Dave Brodie, Motorsport Magazine.

Week 2


Week 3

Sir Stirling Moss

Week 4

The initial liquidation distribution to shareholders was made at the rate of €11.05 per ordinary share of £0.05 each on the capital of the Company held.

Week 5

Clay Regazzoni, David Coulthard, Heinz-Harald Frentzen, Pastor Maldonado

Week 6

He crashed with Pizzonia on lap 1 but rejoined 25 laps later so that he could get a higher finishing position to get a better qualifying position for the next race in Japan. More here…

Week 7

19/0485 (You can view the original here:

Week 8

Rosberg was disqualified for a push start in the pits, after his car momentarily caught fire during refueling. It was the second consecutive Brazilian Grand Prix in which Rosberg was disqualified from second place. Curiously, the drivers finishing behind him were not promoted, so the six points for second place were officially not awarded.

Week 9

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Week 10

Great Britain (50), Canada (11), Australia (11), Brazil (7), Germany (7), France (7)

Week 11

Michael Schumacher as the others all drove a Williams at least once in a test. Hunt in 1989. Vettel in 2005 and Nico Rosberg first in Dec 2002 and then went to race for the team.

Week 12

Clockwise from the top left: Marc Gene, Nigel Mansell, Jaques Lafette, Robert Kubica

Week 13

The screen is mounted on the cockpit rather than in the wheel. You can see details of there here:

Week 14

Williams has raced a total of 43 times at Monza.