The Williams Database Winter Challenge is a bit of fun for the off-season between the 2018/19 F1 seasons. 12 weeks of Williams related questions with points awarded for the first three correct answers.

If you are the winner then you will win a classic Williams book bundle of A Different Kind of Life by Virginia Williams and Williams, The Business of Grand Prix Racing. There is also a runner’s up prize of Jim Bamber’s The Pits 12 signed by Jim himself. This is the book to feature ‘spoilt brat’ Jenson Button on the cover.



It’s very simple, points will be awarded for the first three that respond with the correct answer.

1. 10 points
2. 6 points
3. 4 points

Winner is the one with the most points at the end of the 12 weeks.

Here is the latest table after two weeks:

Here’s a reminder of the previous questions:

Week 1

Q. Name the two Williams drivers to have come from Kings Lynn, UK?

A. Martin Brundle & George Russell

Week 2

Q. What was the opening price for WGPE shares when they were first listed?

A. €25

Week 3

Q. Who is Clare Williams’ godfather?

A. Dave Brodie

Week 4

Q. What was Frank Williams nickname?

A. W***er Williams

Week 5

Q. What was the points margin between Wiliams and second place McLaren in the 1992 constructors championship?

A. 65

Week 6

Q. In what year was the conference centre built and what was it’s original purpose?

A. 1996/7 as a home for the BMW Le Mans Team

Week 7

Q. What was the ISBN number of the UK hardback first edition of a different kind of life?

A. 0-385-40129-9

Week 8

Q. Which car did Dave Brodie “put on Alan Jones’s helmet and drove his Williams xxxx to the pits”?

A. FW07B (

Week 9

Q. Who is the aerodynamicist responsible for the ‘walrus’ nosed FW26?

A. Antonia Terzi

Week 10

Q. What is the chassis number of the aluminium monocoque on display in the Williams museum?

A. FW07-17

Week 11

Q. What was the fastest lap speed (in kmh) at Williams’ first win and who set it?

A. 228.320 KMH / Clay Regazzoni

Week 12

Q. What is the combined heights of the 2019 Williams drivers?

A. 554cm

George Russell 185 cm

Robert Kubica 184 cm

Nicholas Latifi 185 cm