The History of Williams – 1993

Canon Williams Team – 168(1)
199329(3)0Damon HillFW15CRS5
 99(1)2Alain Prost

Alain Prost adds yet another championship to his already impressive list of records.

Damon Hill is promoted from test driver to replace Nigel Mansell after a strong campaign from the British Press expressing outrage at Mansell’s dismissal. Mika Hakkkinen was also considered for the drive.

Mid-season Williams announce that for the 1994 and ’95 seasons the team will be sponsored by Rothmans.

Engine failure robs Damon Hill of his first win at Silverstone with 17 laps to go.

Two weeks later tyre failure robs Damon Hill of his first win in Germany with just two laps to go.

Hill had to wait just another few weeks before securing his first Grand Prix, in Hungary, leading from start to finish. He then went on to win the next two as well!

Alain Menu drives an FW15 at Abingdon airfield, testing out continuously variable transmission for the team.

Portugal – Alain Prost announces his is to leave the team – just 24 hours before he seals his fourth drivers championship. Williams announces Ayrton Senna is to join the team for the 1994 season.

Strong performances from both drivers ensure that the team retains the constructor’s championship.


YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
19931South African Grand PrixDamon Hill421Collision
19931South African Grand PrixAlain Prost11Finished
19932Brazilian Grand PrixDamon Hill22Finished
19932Brazilian Grand PrixAlain Prost116Collision
19933European Grand PrixDamon Hill22Finished
19933European Grand PrixAlain Prost13+1 Lap
19934San Marino Grand PrixDamon Hill218Brakes
19934San Marino Grand PrixAlain Prost11Finished
19935Spanish Grand PrixDamon Hill219Engine
19935Spanish Grand PrixAlain Prost11Finished
19936Monaco Grand PrixDamon Hill42Finished
19936Monaco Grand PrixAlain Prost14+1 Lap
19937Canadian Grand PrixDamon Hill23Finished
19937Canadian Grand PrixAlain Prost11Finished
19938French Grand PrixDamon Hill12Finished
19938French Grand PrixAlain Prost21Finished
19939British Grand PrixDamon Hill216Engine
19939British Grand PrixAlain Prost11Finished
199310German Grand PrixDamon Hill215Tyre
199310German Grand PrixAlain Prost11Finished
199311Hungarian Grand PrixDamon Hill21Finished
199311Hungarian Grand PrixAlain Prost112+7 Laps
199312Belgian Grand PrixDamon Hill21Finished
199312Belgian Grand PrixAlain Prost13Finished
199313Italian Grand PrixDamon Hill21Finished
199313Italian Grand PrixAlain Prost112Engine
199314Portuguese Grand PrixDamon Hill13Finished
199314Portuguese Grand PrixAlain Prost22Finished
199315Japanese Grand PrixDamon Hill64Finished
199315Japanese Grand PrixAlain Prost12Finished
199316Australian Grand PrixDamon Hill33Finished
199316Australian Grand PrixAlain Prost22Finished

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