Qatar Grand Prix 2023 – Preview

Dave Robson, Head of Vehicle Performance: Qatar makes a full-time return to the calendar following a previous one-off race in 2021. The layout of the circuit is mostly unchanged although the track has been completely resurfaced, which is likely to have changed its characteristics significantly.

It is currently extremely hot in Qatar and although most of the competitive sessions take place in the evening, it is still likely to be 30 degrees Celsius when we are running under the lights. Strong and gusty winds, especially during the day, will also affect the cars’ performance.

This is one of three remaining sprint events of the 2023 season and is likely to be the most demanding due to the new track surface and evening sessions. Adding to the challenge is the fact that neither Alex nor Logan have driven here before and whilst both have completed a lot of preparation work in the simulator, it will be a test of their skills to go straight into evening qualifying after just one practice session in the hot afternoon conditions.

Alex Albon: I’m looking forward to heading to Qatar this week, as it’s a circuit I’m yet to race at, so I’m looking forward to the experience. It’s been quite a fun circuit to drive when I’ve been practicing on the simulator and after watching the previous race here in 2021, it looks like there’s opportunity for some good racing, especially with it being another sprint format. With these hot conditions and another night race, we’ll be preparing for these conditions, so let’s see how we get on.

Logan Sargeant: I’m looking forward to racing under the lights in Qatar for the first time this weekend. Since Japan, I’ve been back at Grove on the simulator and working with my engineers to get a better understanding of the track. It’s a Sprint weekend which is always exciting and presents us with more opportunities. We’ll be looking to start the weekend off on the right foot in Free Practice and build from there.

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