Brazilian Grand Prix 2023 – Sprint

Dave Robson, Head of Vehicle Performance:Today was difficult with Alex unable to set his final laptime in Sprint Shootout 1 following the red flag. Whilst we didn’t expect today to be easy, starting the sprint race with both cars on the back row was not a fair reflection of our real performance.

The track was very hot for the sprint race and we opted to run each driver on a different compound as part of our preparation for tomorrow. Alex was able to move forwards, picking off the slower cars in front before finding free air and setting a good pace. Although the degradation was high and the car was difficult to drive, his stint pace was good relative to the competition. Logan had similar pace but was stuck in a DRS train, which makes overtaking here very difficult. Nonetheless, he collected some useful data and experience that will help us tomorrow.

Alex starts tomorrow’s Grand Prix in a good position and has an opportunity to fight for a points-scoring position. Logan starts a little further back, but he has the pace to progress and his experience today will help him attack tomorrow.

Alex Albon: It was a decent race for us today, despite being at the back. The pace was reasonable but the degradation for most drivers was massive, so it feels quite terrible to drive if I’m honest. It’s a strange one as when you have that much deg, you’d think you’d just go on harder tyres, but the Hard tyres are so bad around here, with the Softs being the only tyre with reasonable grip. I think strategy is going to be quite interesting tomorrow with it ultimately being dependent on deg, so we’ll see but hopefully we’ll be okay.

Logan Sargeant: It’s a Sprint race, so you take what you can. For sure we learnt a few things on direction for tomorrow, but we couldn’t risk the car for tomorrow, so it’s just frustrating being stuck in a DRS train. If I had clean air today, I would have had a lot of pace. Alex was able to move forward, which is positive, and I think if I’d have encountered the cars ahead individually, rather than in a DRS train, I would have been able to do the same. We just need to be able to try to find those gaps tomorrow to work our way forward. It’s not been an easy weekend for us but tomorrow looks a bit cooler, which should suit us better, and I think we have pace advantage on quite a few cars ahead in race trim, so we have 71 laps to take advantage of that.

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