And We’re Back!

20130361_150373-CapturFilesIn May 1996 I launched The Williams Database on what was then a sparsely populated internet with slow access speeds. The original incarnation was simply a few html pages strung together with information about the F1 team.

Over time the site became more sophisticated and the site expanded to include all areas of the Williams empire. Over this time I changed too. I went from being an employee to running my own businesses and at home had two children, all of which meant I couldn’t focus on the site as much as I could have previously. Added to this the site was running on a content management system that I had written myself and needed constant maintaining. So for a long period all I did was pay the domain and hosting fees and kept the site up for historical interest.

Over the intervening years I have always wanted to bring the site back to life and when I realised that my code was a security risk and was responsible for a couple of hack attempts on my server I had the impetus to do something about it.

So today I am relaunching The Williams Database with a new look and a new platform (it is now WordPress based). The site now alos has many more images than it had previous, well over 1,000 and growing. These are all in the picture archive and most are available for your use under a Creative Commons licence.

While I will be looking to include news and other topical information the aim of the site is for it to be the premier resource of historical Williams information, a wikipedia for Williams if you like, and this is where you can help. If you have any information or articles that you think should be included please get in touch.

I hope you enjoy the newly revitalised Williams Database.

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