Williams Week – 4th October 2021 – The Week in Review

The Williams Week 2021

The Williams Week 2021

A round-up of interesting Williams related stories found on the web this week:

“He will keep Red Bull as his personal sponsor. But it’s not a Red Bull-Williams connection.” – Jost Capoto

Albon arrival not the start of Red Bull-Williams F1 connection

“George for sure he’s a very, very good driver, but when you can do these kind of things, it also shows that the car isn’t that bad as people think” – Max Verstappen

Russell shows Williams ‘not as bad as people think’ – Verstappen

“We changed our organisation, we changed communications, we changed responsibilities, and we’re working much more as a team.” – Jost Capito

Changes at Williams key to recent upswing in F1 form

“Equally, we’ve got to be a little bit careful that we don’t get lost in our own hubris because at the moment it is all good and we just keep up that momentum and keep taking those decisions” – Dave Robson

Williams ‘offence a good defence’ in Constructors’ fight

“You never know what will happen but I’ve said many times before that our car, if you’re in a good position up front, it’s a car you can defend with but not really a car you can attack with” – Nicholas Latifi

Williams ‘not a car you can attack with’

“The hard work in the factory and on the track, however, paid off and we are proud of that. I will leave satisfied.” – George Russell

Russell leaving Williams in ‘great mental shape’

“They’ve been extremely helpful. They’ve helped me talk with Williams and get all this stuff sorted out. It’s nice to feel that trust and belief in me. I owe a lot to them and continue to do so. I’ve been with Red Bull since 2008 so it’s been a while.” – Alex Albon

Alex Albon on his year on the sidelines, how Red Bull helped him get back on the grid, and the next chapter with Williams

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