Williams Week – 30th September 2019 – The Week in Review

A round-up of interesting Williams related stories found on the web this week:

”Okay, the result is not great which we could expect, but the personal goal and personal achievement I think is big, looking at how tough this race is, looking at my condition – I suffered a small injury last Sunday so I wasn’t 100% and managed [not to make] a mistake in a difficult race in such a difficult track.”

Kubica hails Singapore finish as one of his ‘biggest personal achievements’

“For sure the comeback wasn’t as smooth as I hoped. Nobody will take away what I achieved in coming back – and maybe I’ll be happier with that in the future than I am now, because now I’m focused on the present.” – Robert Kubica

Why Kubica’s amazing F1 comeback went wrong

“I feel ready to take control, lead the team if it was to be a rookie to come alongside me, but equally I’d probably be just as happy to have an experienced guy such as Hulkenberg coming in, with a good reputation and experience.“ – George Russell

Russell would welcome 2020 Hulkenberg challenge at Williams F1 team

“But wheel to wheel, on the same level, I haven’t raced since 2010 because even if we get a chance of being around other cars, like it happened on the last two races, we have two big disadvantages.“ – Robert Kubica

I haven’t really raced in F1 since 2010

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