Williams Week – 29th November 2021 – Frank Williams Tribute

The Williams Week 2021

The Williams Week 2021

A tribute to Sir Frank WIlliams, Williams Racing founder who died yestrday.

Sir Frank Williams, founder and former team principal of the Williams Racing Formula 1 team, has died aged 79.

Sir Frank Williams: Formula 1 team founder dies aged 79

“I have been a fan of the Williams team ever since. They know how to go racing and do things properly. I am still a fan and now I count myself lucky to be a friend of Sir Frank Williams as well” – Joe Saward

About FW

The biggest challenge of Sir Frank Williams’ life struck in early 1986 when he suffered terrible injuries in a car crash on his way to the airport following a test at Paul Ricard. But with the kind of steely determination that characterised his whole approach to F1, Williams never let the disabilities hold him back – and he certainly never let it impact his team.

How Williams overcame its greatest F1 setback

Sir Frank Williams, the legendary boss of one of the most successful teams in F1 history, has died aged 79. We take a look at his life on the track

Sir Frank Williams – a life in pictures

Everyone loved him. They couldn’t not. The naughty smile which invited the other person to be in on his latest shenanigans, making them feel thrilled to be allowed into his world of schemes – but not for anything other than getting a car on the track and competing.

Frank Williams was a cunning, mischievous delight

Sir Frank Williams, who passed away today, achieved tremendous success as a Formula 1 team boss. But it never came easy. For his early career was filled with battling against the odds, tremendous hard work, and the scorn of fellow competitors.

Sir Frank Williams remembered: The genesis of an F1 great

The passing of Sir Frank Williams at the age of 79 has been keenly felt by the motorsport community, with his long tenure as an F1 team boss having had a profound impact not just on the championship itself, but on so many drivers and other figures across the racing scene.

‘More than a boss’ – Racing pays tribute to Sir Frank Williams

Even in his later years, Frank Williams was still an inspirational figure at the team. He was regularly seen at the factory, where he effectively lived, by staff and continuing to be at the heart of this historic team. He would make an effort to speak to staff and be visible at the factory, literally as well as metaphorically part of the very foundations of Williams F1.

Enormous success punctuated by tragedies – Frank Williams’ F1 story

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