Williams Week – 28th February 2022 – The Week in Review

“I definitely think there is a lot everyone can do on that front. Personally, since being back from my holidays, I have been looking at ways to try and do a bit more research – not so specific on the mental health aspect, obviously, mental health is the overriding theme.” – Nicholas Latifi

Latifi calls for F1 push against cyberbullying after death threats

“The first session back after a few months out always feels quite strange, quite foreign, those first laps. But definitely you could tell it was a different philosophy of car” – Nicholas Latifi

Latifi aware of ‘different philosophy’ in Barcelona

“It is not a feeling of ‘we are in Formula 1 and that is where we want to be’, it is Formula 1 and we want to move. We don’t accept to be last anymore. We want to move up the grid and we work hard to do that and we need the spirit and we need to enjoy that journey.” – Jost Capito

Williams ‘won’t accept last anymore’ after transition from “family business”

“When I see how he works in the simulator and with the engineers, he makes a happy impression on me.” – Jost Capito

Albon ‘hasn’t reached his peak, can show a lot more’

“We have to get the mileage in the cars and yesterday (Wednesday) we did quite a good number of laps, and today also reasonable – it could have been a bit more.” – Jost Capito

Williams ‘on the case’ in catching the pack

“I think once you are on the limit and things are stiff, you’ve got to be a bit more precise when you are driving these things. So I’ll be interested to see what the cars are like when you are driving on the limit.” – Alex Albon

Albon shares his insight on driving 2022 car

“There is the inevitable rustiness, the year out, the lack of driving quick machines. You can train all you want, but you still get that morning ache when you wake up. It’s mainly the neck you feel the next day.” – Alex Albon

Albon admits he’s shaking off ‘inevitable rustiness’ after second session in Williams FW44

To be completely honest, in the short space of time that we had, we weren’t able to secure the funding that we needed.” – Jamie Chadwick

Williams development driver Jamie Chadwick Returns to W-Series Amidst Lack of Funding for F2 or F3

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