Williams Week – 24th May 2021 – The Week in Review

The Williams Week 2021

The Williams Week 2021

A round-up of interesting Williams related stories found on the web this week:

From humble beginnings the team grew into the outfit that had several spells of utter domination in F1, taking on and beating the giants of Ferrari, Lotus and McLaren, and picking up nine constructors’ titles and seven drivers’ championships for the likes of Alan Jones, Nigel Mansell and Damon Hill along the way.

From a carpet warehouse to World Championship glory – The origins of the Williams F1 team

“The vast majority, [or] a massively high proportion of the aero department are all working on next year’s car. The design office the same.” – Dave Robson

Williams in “final throes” of adding updates to 2021 car

“No. I would not have apologised but it’s up to him. I didn’t blame him, but everyone is different.” – Jost Capito

Russell shouldn’t have apologised to Bottas for F1 crash

“We can’t expect miracles. We are coming from way behind. The team owners know it is a long and rocky road to the front.” – Jost Capito

Williams ‘can’t expect miracles’ from 2022 car

“With only 60 minutes practice sessions, the track is likely to be busy and consequently completing high-quality clean laps will be difficult.” – Dave Robson

Williams anticipates problems in Monaco: “testing of new parts very difficult”

“It’s too early at the moment, various contracts are coming to an end. At some point the silly season will start. You shouldn’t let it start earlier than you have to.” – Jost Capito

Too early to talk about Russell’s future
Sir Frank Williams and Sir Patrick Head

“Frank had said to meet at the Carlton Tower, so I turned up, smelling of resorcinol resin, which is very strong wood adhesive, and in a jersey and pair of jeans. I strolled in and there was Frank in a Dougie Hayward suit. I think he was rather horrified when he saw me.” – Patrick Head

‘Frank was horrified when he first saw me’ – Patrick Head reflects on Williams’ origins as they reach 750th GP landmark

“The count begins from 1977 as this was when Williams Grand Prix Engineering began the manufacture of its own chassis.” – Williams

Williams clarify official F1 grand prix count

“We only need one good result in the whole season to transform the constructors’ championships and as a driver, I recognise that.” – George Russell

Russell forced to change driving approach in search for points

“How our car will perform around these streets, I couldn’t possibly tell you; we did struggle more in Bahrain than we have done in two of the other three circuits, which are slightly slower speed corners, more 180 degrees, which is what you have a lot of here around Monaco.” – George Russell

Russell says Williams looking for ‘a little bit of magic’ to maximise Monaco opportunity in 750th GP

“We created a really good relationship and I think he would fit very well to Williams for our future as well and if he believes in our future, there might be a chance to keep him.” – Jost Capito

Williams retaining hope of keeping Russell

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