Williams Week – 19th October 2020 – The Week in Review

The Williams Week

A round-up of interesting Williams related stories found on the web this week:

“We may have some track limit issues, which I hope can be rectified before we even get there, at Turn 1.” – George Russell

Tighter T1 Algarve layout would help track limits

“I know that they’re working very hard to see where the future of Williams needs to be, and I’m sure we’ll see more happening in the coming months and into the early phases of 2021.” – George Russell

Williams F1 duo encouraged by prudent new owners

The most surprising aspect of this development is that Russell’s presence in the team was taken for granted, having a contract announced by the team itself, but due to the change of ownership of the team, the new shareholders could take advantage of the “change of control ”to re-evaluate the contracts previously entered into by the old owner.”

From the Mercedes dream to the 2021 nightmare (Italian)

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