George Russell (GBR) Williams Racing FW43. Formula One Testing, Day 3, Friday 21st February 2020. Barcelona, Spain.
Williams Racing – 23(8)
Year Points(Position) Car Driver Chassis Engine
2021 7(17) 6 Nicholas Latifi FW43B Mercedes-AMG F1 M12 E Performance
16(15) 63 George Russell

2021 saw the team enter its first full year under the ownership of Dorilton Capital. Due to the continuing global pandemic, all teams carried over their chassis from last year to this with only minor changes – hence the B designation for the FW43B. This meant that Williams couldn’t do much to improve the performance of the car and so it was a compromise. The team elected to make changes that would mean irregular trips to the points rather than consistency and always out of the points.

This was a strategy that worked well as the team lifted itself off the bottom of the constructors championship to finish 8th. This was largely due to George Russell‘s heroic efforts to drag the car out of qualifying 1 and four times even making it to Q3. A particular highlight was the second place at Spa in the shortened and rain affected Belgium Grand Prix.

Away from the track Dorilton continued to build up the team personnel. Most significant was in March the team appointed François-Xavier Demaison, better known as FX Demaison, as Techincal Director. Demaison most recently had been with VW and comes with extensive knowledge of ground-effect cars which will be more significant in 2022.


YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
20211Bahrain Grand PrixGeorge Russell1514+1 Lap
20211Bahrain Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1718Retired
20212Emilia Romagna Grand PrixGeorge Russell1219Collision
20212Emilia Romagna Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1420Collision
20213Portuguese Grand PrixGeorge Russell1116+1 Lap
20213Portuguese Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1818+2 Laps
20214Spanish Grand PrixGeorge Russell1514+1 Lap
20214Spanish Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1916+1 Lap
20215Monaco Grand PrixGeorge Russell1514+1 Lap
20215Monaco Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1815+1 Lap
20216Azerbaijan Grand PrixGeorge Russell1517Gearbox
20216Azerbaijan Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1616Finished
20217French Grand PrixGeorge Russell1412+1 Lap
20217French Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1618+1 Lap
20218Styrian Grand PrixGeorge Russell1019Engine
20218Styrian Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1617+3 Laps
20219Austrian Grand PrixGeorge Russell811+1 Lap
20219Austrian Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1816+1 Lap
202110British Grand PrixGeorge Russell1212+1 Lap
202110British Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1714+1 Lap
202111Hungarian Grand PrixGeorge Russell178Finished
202111Hungarian Grand PrixNicholas Latifi187Finished
202112Belgian Grand PrixGeorge Russell22Finished
202112Belgian Grand PrixNicholas Latifi109Finished
202113Dutch Grand PrixGeorge Russell1117Gearbox
202113Dutch Grand PrixNicholas Latifi016+2 Laps
202114Italian Grand PrixGeorge Russell149Finished
202114Italian Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1311Finished
202115Russian Grand PrixGeorge Russell310Finished
202115Russian Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1819Accident
202116Turkish Grand PrixGeorge Russell1315+1 Lap
202116Turkish Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1517+1 Lap
202117United States Grand PrixGeorge Russell2014+1 Lap
202117United States Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1415+1 Lap
202118Mexico City Grand PrixGeorge Russell1616+2 Laps
202118Mexico City Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1317+2 Laps
202119São Paulo Grand PrixGeorge Russell1713+1 Lap
202119São Paulo Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1616+1 Lap
202120Qatar Grand PrixGeorge Russell1517+2 Laps
202120Qatar Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1719Puncture
202121Saudi Arabian Grand PrixGeorge Russell1419Collision
202121Saudi Arabian Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1612Finished
202122Abu Dhabi Grand PrixGeorge Russell1718Gearbox
202122Abu Dhabi Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1616Accident


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