The History of Williams – 1979

Albilad Saudia Racing Team – 75(2)
197940/53(3)27Alan JonesFW06/07Cosworth V8
 29/32(5)28Clay Regazzoni

Clay Regazzoni joins Alan Jones as the team’s drivers.

Break through first win for the team, fittingly, at Silverstone.

For the first four races the FW06 is raced. From the Spanish Grand Prix it is replaced by the FW07.

Team finishes the season second, behind Ferrari, in the constructors championship.


YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
19791Argentine Grand PrixAlan Jones159+2 Laps
19791Argentine Grand PrixClay Regazzoni1710+2 Laps
19792Brazilian Grand PrixAlan Jones1316Fuel system
19792Brazilian Grand PrixClay Regazzoni1715+2 Laps
19793South African Grand PrixAlan Jones1916Suspension
19793South African Grand PrixClay Regazzoni229+2 Laps
19794United States Grand Prix WestAlan Jones103Finished
19794United States Grand Prix WestClay Regazzoni1515Engine
19795Spanish Grand PrixAlan Jones1317Gearbox
19795Spanish Grand PrixClay Regazzoni1419Engine
19796Belgian Grand PrixAlan Jones414Electrical
19796Belgian Grand PrixClay Regazzoni824Accident
19797Monaco Grand PrixAlan Jones911Steering
19797Monaco Grand PrixClay Regazzoni162Finished
19798French Grand PrixAlan Jones74Finished
19798French Grand PrixClay Regazzoni96Finished
19799British Grand PrixAlan Jones118Water pump
19799British Grand PrixClay Regazzoni41Finished
197910German Grand PrixAlan Jones21Finished
197910German Grand PrixClay Regazzoni62Finished
197911Austrian Grand PrixAlan Jones21Finished
197911Austrian Grand PrixClay Regazzoni65Finished
197912Dutch Grand PrixAlan Jones21Finished
197912Dutch Grand PrixClay Regazzoni324Accident
197913Italian Grand PrixAlan Jones49+1 Lap
197913Italian Grand PrixClay Regazzoni63Finished
197914Canadian Grand PrixAlan Jones11Finished
197914Canadian Grand PrixClay Regazzoni33Finished
197915United States Grand PrixAlan Jones112Wheel
197915United States Grand PrixClay Regazzoni514Accident

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