ROKiT Williams Racing announces new partnership with Precision Hydration

ROKiT Williams Racing is pleased to announce Precision Hydration as an Official Supplier of the team. Precision Hydration are leaders in athlete and sweat testing and science of sports hydration.

In Formula 1® both the cars and the people are subjected to extreme pressures, so the health of the team personnel is of prime importance and could affect their ability to work in these demanding conditions. A major part of this is being properly hydrated and Precision Hydration will use their patented, at-rest Sweat Testing technology, adapted from the medical industry, to accurately measure how much sodium each driver and member of the pit crew loses in their sweat. This will enable Williams’ staff to devise and implement personalised hydration plans to help the whole team stay optimally hydrated in the cars and the garage. 

Tim Hunt, Commercial and Marketing Director for ROKiT Williams Racing said: “As a team, our pursuit of performance is relentless and so the opportunity to work with a company like Precision Hydration was something we were keen to secure. Our focus across all partnerships has shifted and we are committed to accelerating growth for our entire partner family. As such, the mutual benefit in this partnership with Precision Hydration is something we are looking forward to realising.”

“We’ve worked with individual drivers and mechanics in Formula One before, but ROKiT Williams Racing are the first team to make a commitment to understanding their entire team’s hydration needs using our technology and know-how. They’re a very forward-thinking organisation and we’re excited to be working with them,” said Andy Blow, founder of the company. “When it comes to motorsport, most people think of the performance of the drivers, but of course there’s a whole team of people working hard, often in very hot and humid conditions, during qualifying and the race day to ensure the cars and drivers are in a position to perform at their best.”

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About Precision Hydration

Dorset based Precision Hydration was founded in 2011 by Andy Blow, a former elite triathlete and Team Sports Scientist for the Renault and Benetton Formula One teams.

The company’s clients include a long list of NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball and Premier League soccer teams, as well as elite and age group athletes in triathlon, cycling and running, tennis, motorsports and more. As well as their Sweat Test and expertise, Precision Hydration also offers a multi-strength, multi-format range of electrolyte supplements to help athletes adequately replace what they’re losing in their sweat. The team will utilise these products to individualise hydration strategies.

How Precision Hydration’s Sweat Test works

Precision Hydration’s Sweat Test involves applying harmless chemicals to the individual’s forearm using a process called ‘Pilocarpine Iontophoresis’ in order to mimic the effect of certain neurotransmitters that stimulate the sweat glands and allow sweat samples to be collected ‘at rest’.

This non-exercise approach has the advantage of being less time consuming and not requiring significant exertion. Also, as the collection and analysis process are very controlled and simple, the results are extremely reliable and reproducible, with a low risk of ‘user error’ in administering the test (as opposed to ‘patch testing’, where evaporative loss of sweat from the patches, or contamination of patches that are not handled correctly, can skew the results significantly). The results are usually available immediately, getting actionable data to athletes and staff faster.

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