Brazilian Grand Prix 2006 – Qualifying

Patrick Head, Director of Engineering, WilliamsF1:
“I think that’s about where we are at the moment. As it was, it was very close and a few hundredths of a second more from both cars would have pushed us into the top ten. I think we can race well from where we are, however, and what we want is a good, reliable race and, I hope, two cars finishing. If we get points, all the better.”

Mark Webber (Chassis FW28 03, engine CA2006/17, 1st GP):
“It was a reasonable qualifying session for us. It went pretty well, but I would like to have grabbed another tenth or two on my last lap. I was probably trying a little bit too much, but I think both Nico and I squeezed quite a lot out of the cars today, although there’s probably a little more left. It would have been nice to have made it into Q3 of the final qualifying session of the season, but that’s where we are and we’ll just wait for the race tomorrow.”

Nico Rosberg (Chassis FW28 05, engine CA2006/19, 2nd GP):
“My qualifying session wasn’t too bad, even if it is a bit disappointing that I didn’t make it into the third session. There was so little missing so you think: if I had braked a bit later there, or if I had been a bit smoother there, I would have made it into the top ten! It’s amazing how much you have to work on the details just to get those last hundredths out of the car; all through the session we adjusted tenths on the tyre pressures and halves on the wing holes. Despite that, I still struggled a little bit with grip during my last run and so we lost those hundredths of a second that we needed.”

Chris Jilbert, Principal Engineer, F1 Race Engineering, Cosworth:
“It was a shame not to get the cars into the final qualifying session today. We enjoyed another trouble free day with the Cosworth CA2006 V8 engines and we will be ensuring that we maximise the available race duty cycle for both drivers for what may well transpire to be our ‘grand finale’ in Formula One tomorrow.”

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