Young Driver Test 2013 – Day Two

Driver: Pastor Maldonado & Daniel Juncadella
Chassis / engine: FW35-04 / RS27-5329/3
Location: Silverstone International Circuit, 5.891kms/ 3.66 miles
Objectives: Pirelli tyre testing with Pastor, new tyre runs and long run with Daniel
Weather: Dry and sunny
Air & track temps: 20-27ºC / 28-44ºC

Xevi Pujolar, Chief Engineer: This morning we did a tyre test with Pastor following a programme given to us by Pirelli. Ideally we would have liked to have modified the car set-up to better suit the tyres, but we couldn’t do this as part of today’s test so we couldn’t get the most of the performance out of them. We saw some differences compared to the tyres we have been running so far this season but we’ll do more fine tuning in Hungary. It looks interesting from what we have seen so far, so it could make the racing slightly different. We did another 30 laps with Dani this afternoon to complete our programme with him and give him the opportunity to learn more. We did some performance runs and a long run, and again he made no mistakes and coped well in the different conditions. We are really pleased with what we have seen from him over the last two days.

Pastor Maldonado: It was a good day today. We completed all of the planned programme for Pirelli. The tyres feel quite different but we need to see how we compare against other cars on the track with the same compounds. We didn’t get performance from the car with them so we need more time in Hungary as we couldn’t make any set-up changes today. It was good to be back in the car though, in preparation for getting back to racing next week.

Daniel Juncadella: It was nice to be able to have another go in the car today. The conditions were different today with the wind changing direction so I struggled to get used to the balance of the car a bit. However, I think it was good for to have another opportunity in the car and I’ve really enjoyed the experience a lot.
The Williams F1 Team will be back on track tomorrow, Friday 19 July, with Susie Wolff driving for the final day of the test.

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