Williams Week – 28th May 2018

A round-up of interesting Williams related stories found on the web this week:

Pictures from the 2018 Monaco Grand Prix:

This, however, is a team boasting 114 race victories (only Ferrari and McLaren have won more). A team with tradition, character, charisma and pride. A team whose cars have won everywhere that F1 history is made, from Monaco to Monza, from Spa to Suzuka.
Williams must relocate their charisma to be among F1 history-makers again

Five races into 2018 they sit bottom of the constructors’ championship, their car clearly uncompetitive.
Staring into the abyss: Would a budget cap save the once mighty Williams team?

In this video, Formula 1 correspondents Scott Mitchell and Ben Anderson join Glenn Freeman to discuss what’s gone wrong at Williams this year
Is Robert Kubica the answer to Williams’s problems in F1 2018?

“Monaco will be another thing altogether. I’m not going to predict where that lands, we’ll have to see.”
Williams head to Monaco with more pain in prospect

“Anyone who thinks that Williams is on its way out or in a spiral of decline or any other analogy you want to use, would be very wrong.” – Claire Williams
F1 Team not in ‘spiral of decline’ or ‘on way out’

The bike is the result of five years of development and working with Williams Advanced Engineers (of Williams F1 fame), and it is “sensational”.
Brompton’s electric commuter bike is a delight to ride

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