Williams Week – 20th June 2022 – The Week in Review

“I feel like there should be some leniency applied for what the infringement was as I was just pushed back, and nothing was changed to the car.” – Nicholas Latifi

Latifi felt Baku grid infringement penalty was too harsh

“I’m going to be driving for the rest of the year” – Nicholas Latifi

Latifi insists he’ll “be driving for the rest of the year” amid Piastri speculation

Piastri is slated to step into the second Williams FW44, replacing Canadian Nicholas Latifi, who is reportedly making his final start with the team at his home race this weekend.

Piastri To Race Formula 1 At British Grand Prix

“The package is on its way. Exactly when we’ll deliver it, hopefully that will become clearer over the next few days.” – Dave Robson

Williams plans “visibly different” F1 car update to lift form

Regarding the speculation that the upcoming race would be the last for Latifi, the 63-year-old clearly explains: “That’s definitely not the case!” There is no other plan than to end the season with the two drivers.” – Jost Capito

Williams bald mit Piastri & Renault als neuen Motorenpartner?

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