Williams Week – 16th February 2015

A roundup of interesting related stories found on the web this week:

“He regards it almost as a right to be champion. There are other traits in the so-called ‘champion gene’ – like attention to detail and work ethic. These things don’t come easily. In Valtteri I see all these things that I saw in the others over the last 30 odd years. So I have all the hopes that he will be a champion.”
Bottas has ‘champion gene’ – Symonds

“We’ve been very clear on our position around Marussia and their entry: we want a full competitive line-up on the grid…and we will do anything to support Marussia coming back in”
Williams supportive of Marussia comeback

“when I arrived at Williams I saw that we had some really good people but they weren’t very organised, so a lot of the efforts were going to the wrong places.”
Symonds: Williams ‘weren’t very organised’

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