Williams Week – 11th May 2015

A round-up of interesting Williams related stories found on the web this week:

“We could bang that drum every single week: ‘Yeah, we’re being beaten by Ferrari but we haven’t got as much money and we haven’t got as many people’. I don’t think that’s Williams’ style to be honest. If we’ve got any drums to bang we bang them internally.” – Rob Smedley

I didn’t expect Williams to improve this quickly.

“I said (to the Williams sponsorship people) ‘Let’s go out there, let’s really go hard at female brands’. And not one of them (brands) was interested,” – Claire Williams

F1 struggling to tap the female dollar

“We will look at all the different possibilities for him in the long term to achieve his objective.” – Didier Coton

Manager Didier Coton keeping Valtteri Bottas’ F1 options open

I often think of being a Technical Director as like being the conductor of an orchestra. You need to be able to play all the instruments, but actually each orchestra member can play them better than you, your job is to understand the sport and wave your baton appropriately. I guess the real difference is that a conductor knows how the music will come out to the end of the piece where as in motorsport things are always changing.

I’m Pat Symonds – Williams F1 Chief Technical Officer – Ask me Anything!

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