The Williams Database Winter Challenge is a bit of fun for the off-season between the 2017/18 F1 seasons. 15 weeks of Williams related questions with points awarded for the first three correct answers.

If you are the winner then you will win this- your very own copy of the Williams Renault Grand Prix Championship Game.

We have a winner! Well done to Jason Bird (@AbjectFailur3) who wins the Williams Renault Grand Prix Championship Game. Here’s the final table.

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Here’s a reminder of the previous questions:

Week 1

Q. What are Sir Frank Williams middle names?

A. Owen Garbett

Week 2

Q. In qualifying for the 1997 European Grand Prix Jacques Villeneuve, Michael Schumacher and Heinz-Harald Frentzen all set identical times. What was it and who took pole?

A. 1:21.072, Villeneuve

Week 3

Q. Where was this picture taken?

A. Slough, UK (c. 1972) – first base of Frank Williams Cars

Q. Name any two drivers that have only driven one race for Williams Grand Prix Engineering?

A. Any of Jean Louis Schlesser, Mario Andretti, Jonathan Palmer, Martin Brundle or Paul di Resta.

Q. What was the Williams HQ at Grove used for before the team moved there?

A. It was the UK headquarters of Janssen pharmaceuticals and prior to that it belonged to the admiralty.

Q. What was the name of the F3000 team that in 1999 was rumoured to be renamed the “Williams Grand Prix Junior Squad”

A. Super Nova

Q. Who, car, when & where?

A. Monte Carlo, Monaco. 28-31 May 1981. Alan Jones (Williams FW07C-Ford Cosworth), he finished 2nd

Q. What percentage of Williams Grand Prix Engineering does Sir Patrick Head own?

A. 9%

Q. Name the drivers that won world championships with Williams but didn’t drive for the team the following year.

A. Nelson Piquet (1987), Nigel Mansell (1992), Alain Prost (1993) & Damon Hill (1996)

Q. What caused the Williams pit fire after the 2012 Spanish Grand Prix?

A. Kers unit, which sparked a fuel fire.

Q. What is the total number of wins Williams have had in all their driver championship years?

A. 40 or 56 depending on whether you count the 2nd driver:

80 – Jones – 5/6
82 – Rosberg – 1/1
87 – Piquet – 3/9
92 – Mansell – 9/10
93 – Prost – 7/10
96 – Hill – 8/12
97 – Villeneuve – 7/8

Q. On the wall in Sir Frank Williams office is a picture of a British Prime Minister. Who is it?

A. Margaret Thatcher

Q. What led to Nigel Mansell being disqualified from the 1991 Portuguese Grand Prix?

A. 1. Wheel came off after pitstop and team worked on car in the pit lane

Q. What was the car Adrian Newey previously designed that formed the basis of the FW14?

A. Leyton House CG901