United States Grand Prix 2017 – Preview

Paddy Lowe
The teams all enjoy going to Austin as it is such a fun city. Formula One fans from across the USA and other neighbouring areas make this a destination event. The Circuit of the Americas itself has a very spectacular layout and has created some fantastic races in its short history. It contains some very challenging sequences and is a good all round test of the aerodynamics, power unit, suspension and of course, the driver. We have been showing better performance during the last couple of races and we hope for this pattern to continue into this race weekend. Our ambition, as always, is to score points with both drivers and we believe this is a realistic target.

Felipe Massa
Austin is definitely one of the best new tracks on the calendar, I would say. For sure, I prefer Suzuka and Spa but Austin is a very nice track to race. It’s a nice town, with nice steaks so you always enjoy going there. It’s a place I like to race, I like to visit, and plus I think the people are nice. You see the people downtown, enjoying themselves and having fun, it’s nice to see that. I’m really looking forward to have a good race there and enjoy myself in Texas.

Lance Stroll
I am really looking forward to going to Austin and also spending a bit of time in America. From what I have seen, racing in the States, and particularly in Texas, is a lot of fun and then you have the barbeques and cowboy boots that they are famous for. The track itself has a great flow to it. There is the first sector with the esses and the elevation going up into Turn One is quite impressive. I think driving a lap there should be a lot of fun.

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