The History of Williams – 2005

BMW WilliamsF1 Team – 66(5)
200536(10)7Mark WebberFW27BMW P84/5
 28(11)8Nick Heidfeld
 2(22)8Antônio Pizzonia

Brand new line-up this year with Mark Webber and Nick Heidfeld replacing the outgoing Ralf Schumacher and Juan Pablo Montoya.


YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
20051Australian Grand PrixNick Heidfeld719Accident
20051Australian Grand PrixMark Webber35Finished
20052Malaysian Grand PrixNick Heidfeld103Finished
20052Malaysian Grand PrixMark Webber416Collision
20053Bahrain Grand PrixNick Heidfeld416Engine
20053Bahrain Grand PrixMark Webber56Finished
20054San Marino Grand PrixNick Heidfeld86Finished
20054San Marino Grand PrixMark Webber47Finished
20055Spanish Grand PrixNick Heidfeld1710+1 Lap
20055Spanish Grand PrixMark Webber26Finished
20056Monaco Grand PrixNick Heidfeld62Finished
20056Monaco Grand PrixMark Webber33Finished
20057European Grand PrixNick Heidfeld12Finished
20057European Grand PrixMark Webber320Accident
20058Canadian Grand PrixNick Heidfeld1314Engine
20058Canadian Grand PrixMark Webber145Finished
20059United States Grand PrixNick Heidfeld1519Withdrew
20059United States Grand PrixMark Webber913Withdrew
200510French Grand PrixNick Heidfeld1414+4 Laps
200510French Grand PrixMark Webber1212+2 Laps
200511British Grand PrixNick Heidfeld1412+1 Lap
200511British Grand PrixMark Webber1111+1 Lap
200512German Grand PrixNick Heidfeld711+1 Lap
200512German Grand PrixMark Webber619+12 Laps
200513Hungarian Grand PrixNick Heidfeld126Finished
200513Hungarian Grand PrixMark Webber167+1 Lap
200514Turkish Grand PrixNick Heidfeld618Tyre
200514Turkish Grand PrixMark Webber720Tyre
200515Italian Grand PrixMark Webber1414+1 Lap
200515Italian Grand PrixAntônio Pizzonia167Finished
200516Belgian Grand PrixMark Webber94Finished
200516Belgian Grand PrixAntônio Pizzonia1515Collision
200517Brazilian Grand PrixMark Webber1217+26 Laps
200517Brazilian Grand PrixAntônio Pizzonia1319Accident
200518Japanese Grand PrixMark Webber74Finished
200518Japanese Grand PrixAntônio Pizzonia1217Accident
200519Chinese Grand PrixMark Webber107Finished
200519Chinese Grand PrixAntônio Pizzonia1313Tyre puncture


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