The History of Williams – 1988

Canon Williams Team – 20(7)
198812(9)5Nigel MansellFW12Judd CV
 0(0)5Martin Brundle
 0(0)5Jean-Louis Schlesser
 8(11)6Ricardo Patrese

Ricardo Patrese is retained to replace the departing Nelson Piquet, Nigel Mansell also remains.

Williams runs the first fully re-active computer controlled suspension system using tiny hydraulic jacks. After the late departure of Honda in 1987 the only available engine option for Williams is the under powered Judd V8.

Mansell gives the team hope in the first race by splitting the McLarens to take second place on the grid. It was to be a false dawn. The highest place all year would be Mansell’s second place at, predictably, the British Grand Prix. By season’s end Mansell had announced that he was leaving for Ferrari.

Mid-June Williams announce that from the start of the 1989 season the cars would be powered by an all-new Renault V10 engine.

Mansell misses two races mid-season due exhaustion caused by a secondary infection brought about by chicken-pox. Martin Brundle is the replacement in Belgium, finishing a creditable 8th and Jean-Louis Schlesser in Italy. Schlesser was not to complete the race after a coming together with Ayrton Senna thereby ensuring that there would be no McLaren clean sweep in 1988.

Williams are awarded the coveted Queen’s Award for Technology.


YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
19881Brazilian Grand PrixNigel Mansell220Engine
19881Brazilian Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese822Engine
19882San Marino Grand PrixNigel Mansell1121Engine
19882San Marino Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese613+2 Laps
19883Monaco Grand PrixNigel Mansell517Collision
19883Monaco Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese86+1 Lap
19884Mexican Grand PrixNigel Mansell1420Engine
19884Mexican Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese1722Engine
19885Canadian Grand PrixNigel Mansell921Engine
19885Canadian Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese1119Engine
19886Detroit Grand PrixNigel Mansell620Engine
19886Detroit Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese1016Electrical
19887French Grand PrixNigel Mansell920Suspension
19887French Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese1523Brakes
19888British Grand PrixNigel Mansell112Finished
19888British Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese158+1 Lap
19889German Grand PrixNigel Mansell1123Spun off
19889German Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese1321Spun off
198810Hungarian Grand PrixNigel Mansell215Driver unwell
198810Hungarian Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese66+1 Lap
198811Belgian Grand PrixMartin Brundle127+1 Lap
198811Belgian Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese518Engine
198812Italian Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese107Finished
198812Italian Grand PrixJean-Louis Schlesser2211+2 Laps
198813Portuguese Grand PrixNigel Mansell614Spun off
198813Portuguese Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese1119Radiator
198814Spanish Grand PrixNigel Mansell32Finished
198814Spanish Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese75Finished
198815Japanese Grand PrixNigel Mansell822Collision
198815Japanese Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese116Finished
198816Australian Grand PrixNigel Mansell313Spun off
198816Australian Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese64Finished

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