Italian Grand Prix 2013 – Practice

Objectives: Set-up work, tyre runs, and aero evaluations.

Xevi Pujolar, Chief Race Engineer: In FP1 we did some rear wing level tests as well as some mechanical tests to achieve good braking stability and ride over the kerbs. In FP2 we split the cars for some further rear wing level tests. Valtteri was more focused on tyre work although we had a problem getting the top straight-line speed out of the car on his option tyre run which compromised that lap. We resolved this for the longer runs and his pace then looked consistent. Pastor had better performance on his new tyre run but he wasn’t as happy with the balance of the car on the long runs, so we need to do some work to improve that. Overall, there are positive results from all the tests we have completed. Managing the tyres tomorrow will be the key to getting a good result in qualifying.

Pastor Maldonado: We completed all the plans we had today. There is a lot to look at as we are close to the limit so it’s hard to find a few more tenths of a second. It is quite difficult to put a lap together as there is some inconsistency in how the car behaves through different corners, but we will see where we are tomorrow as the track is changing a lot. We weren’t able to improve our time too much this afternoon so we need to work harder to make sure we are better tomorrow.

Valtteri Bottas: It wasn’t an easy day today. We had some inconsistencies in the aerodynamics during FP1 and then in FP2 we were missing quite a lot of straight-line speed on my option tyre run. We need to look at why that happened as that is why the time doesn’t look so good on the board. The positive thing today was the long run as we were competitive compared to Toro Rosso and Sauber and I think we can really challenge them in the race this weekend.

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