German Grand Prix 2018 – Practice

Paddy Lowe, Chief Technical Officer: It was a pretty good day. We brought a new front wing to this event which is completely new from left to right. We conducted a very thorough programme in FP1 with a lot of data flow measurements and flow visualisation. At one stage the car was almost completely painted green. The programme was extremely well executed by the team both in preparation and execution. We’ve adopted the front wing for the rest of the weekend, as it did everything intended and we obtained positive comments from the drivers. We continued work in FP2 with a range of tyres and some further aerodynamic tests. We have a lot of analysis to do tonight to determine how we configure the car for the race, but so far so good. A special thanks to the team back at base for all of the effort to get these new parts to this event.

Lance Stroll: We have learnt quite a lot today and obviously what happens will depend on the conditions tomorrow. If the wind picks up then things will change. Today was all right, we tried some new bits on the car and had a new front wing. It was interesting, but now we need to look into it and see what we do for tomorrow. With the hotter weather we are going to have to do some tyre management in the race. It will be interesting due to the step in compound from the ultrasoft to the soft. Maybe this will mix things up and maybe the quicker guys can get into Q3 on the soft and then their race will be set.

Sergey Sirotkin: Today we had a very busy programme in both sessions, whereby we mainly focused on the front wing. We found some very interesting and positive things which in return gave us better pace to work with. Overall, it is a good step in the right direction. It is up to us to go through the results tonight so that we can get the maximum out of the car tomorrow. For sure we are at the beginning of a positive road ahead.

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