The History of Williams – 2020

George Russell (GBR) Williams Racing FW43. Formula One Testing, Day 3, Friday 21st February 2020. Barcelona, Spain.
Williams Racing – 0(10)
Year Points(Position) Car Driver Chassis Engine
2019 0(21) 6 Nicholas Latifi FW43 Mercedes M10 EQ Power+
3(18) 63 George Russell

From a points perspective 2020 will once again be one to forget as Williams propped up the bottom of the championship table but for the first time scored zero points. However, it was becoming increasing clear that Williams, the company, was also struggling and with the effects of the Covid pandemic making the future uncertain the family put the team up for sale.

Family finally sold up

Jack whatshisface



Russell to Merc


YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
20201Austrian Grand PrixGeorge Russell1715Fuel pressure
20201Austrian Grand PrixNicholas Latifi2011Finished
20202Styrian Grand PrixGeorge Russell1116+2 Laps
20202Styrian Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1817+2 Laps
20203Hungarian Grand PrixGeorge Russell1218+1 Lap
20203Hungarian Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1519+5 Laps
20204British Grand PrixGeorge Russell2012Finished
20204British Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1815Finished
2020570th Anniversary Grand PrixGeorge Russell1518+1 Lap
2020570th Anniversary Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1819+1 Lap
20206Spanish Grand PrixGeorge Russell1817+1 Lap
20206Spanish Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1918+2 Laps
20207Belgian Grand PrixGeorge Russell1519Debris
20207Belgian Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1916Finished
20208Italian Grand PrixGeorge Russell1914Finished
20208Italian Grand PrixNicholas Latifi2011Finished
20209Tuscan Grand PrixGeorge Russell1811Finished
20209Tuscan Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1915Collision
202010Russian Grand PrixGeorge Russell1318+1 Lap
202010Russian Grand PrixNicholas Latifi2016+1 Lap
202011Eifel Grand PrixGeorge Russell1720Collision
202011Eifel Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1814Finished
202012Portuguese Grand PrixGeorge Russell1414+1 Lap
202012Portuguese Grand PrixNicholas Latifi2018+2 Laps
202013Emilia Romagna Grand PrixGeorge Russell1316Accident
202013Emilia Romagna Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1911Finished
202014Turkish Grand PrixGeorge Russell016+1 Lap
202014Turkish Grand PrixNicholas Latifi019Collision damage
202015Bahrain Grand PrixGeorge Russell1412+1 Lap
202015Bahrain Grand PrixNicholas Latifi2014+1 Lap
202016Sakhir Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1618Engine
202016Sakhir Grand PrixJack Aitken1716Finished
202017Abu Dhabi Grand PrixGeorge Russell1615+1 Lap
202017Abu Dhabi Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1817+1 Lap


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